Thursday, August 22, 2013

{Post 1,240} Two Minis...Scale is Crucial

Here are two minis I pieced this AM.  Both are 12-1/2" square.  The one on the left has 2" finished blocks, the one on the right has 3" finished blocks.  I like them both.  Choosing a size depends on what looks you want.  

A close-up of the one on the left, which will be added to my stack of mini quilts after quilting for my someday mini-quilt wall.

Both are pieced from men's shirts and muslin.  I think the one with 3" blocks would look good with the outer muslin edge trimmed down a bit with a plaid border.  But I'm leaving that up to the new owner.

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Kath said...

These are very interesting. I have seen this pattern before but I don't know what it's called. When you say muslin, I think it's different to the cloth we call muslin in England. Here, it's thin rather like cheesecloth and babies burp-cloths are made of it.
I think a plaid border would look perfect.