Monday, August 5, 2013

{Post 1,229} Shirts Abound Boo Boo

A near finish!  Here are my 20 blocks (80 units) for Shirts Abound:

Now for the boo boo...I was reading the pattern (for the first time, LOL) to see how big to cut the border squares.  Add 1/4" to piecing template.  WHAT??  I didn't do that.  That foils my plans to trade blocks with Ruth.  My blocks are OK because they are all the same size.  I'm disappointed, but this, too shall pass.  Eventually!

This picture shows both my design walls side by side.  The on the left has a thinner tablecloth on it, and it's obviously red.  These blocks really sparkle in person!  Each unit is 7-1/2" square, so it would measure about 56" x 71" before I add borders.


Leeanne said...

I see I am not alone in the world of ' read the pattern later gang'..............!!!

Valerie said...

Sure wish my boo boo's looked so good!