Saturday, August 3, 2013

{Post 1,228} New Caulk Around and Shirts Abound

Do you have home projects that you procrastinate about and procrastinate about...???  I do.  Did.  Thankfully I knocked 4 of them off my to-do list today while I was home alone.

1.  Sewed and hung a new everyday shower curtain.
2.  Arranged a new bathroom flower arrangement for my cone (replacing the Christmas one--embarrassed).
3.  Scrubbed the oil stains out of the carpet in my bedroom.
4.  Replaced the caulk in the master bathroom sinks.  Getting the old stuff out was a bear.  But so worth it!

Sinks before and after.

I also sewed ALL the dark sections of the remaining Shirts Abound blocks as well as sewing the light sections on about 12 units, trimming, and removing the papers.  Productive day!


Leeanne said...

I love days like that!!

Christina said...

Hoping for some days like that coming up. The new caulk looks great.