Wednesday, July 24, 2013

{Post 1,215} Machine Quilting Finished on Shooting Star!

I woke up with a horrid sore throat and feel like I've got a low-grade fever.  It seems like allergy symptoms.  It's sad not to be able to be outside, but it is my life.

I only had about 25" of quilting to do (by 95" wide!) to finish up the Shooting Star quilt.  I was able to get it finished and unpinned from the frame.  It turned out so well.  I took a few photos, but they don't do the texture justice.  

The sample binding went well, but I wanted to add a little more of the accent fabric, so I sewed a sample piece of that, and it turned out great.  That is the next big step for this quilt.  Did I mention that the binding is all done by machine?  I do need nearly 400" of binding, but I know it will be finished soon.

These are all pics of the back except for the first one.


Leeanne said...

Lovely! I like the feather.

R & E said...

LOVELY !!1 quilting, and using up what you have is THE BEST part!