Monday, July 22, 2013

{Post 1,211} A New Experience I Don't Wish to Repeat

I went to a new-to-me place today...a Goodwill clearance center.  All clothing is $1.29 a pound.  I got 9 shirts for $7.  That's the good news.  More good news is that one of the shirts was for a dress-up occasion my daughter has for youth group Wednesday night.  I was meeting my son for lunch afterwards and felt like I had to wash my hands with bleach up to my arms.  The clothes didn't smell, but it was the aura of the place, you know?

When I got home, I washed and dried my new haul of shirts (like I needed some more).  Then I machine quilted a little more.  I got to about halfway on my Shooting Star quilt.  It is a bit tedious for me, so I'm only doing a little at a time.

I was gone most of the day today, but tomorrow is laundry day, so I'll be downstairs most of the time.  Sounds like a good time to do more machine quilting.


Teresa said...

Quilt looks great. Pretty soon you will have to make something with all the buttons you must be accumulating!

Ruth said...

I went to one of the Good Will Outlets in Salem last month, so I know what you mean. We did find a few things, though, including shirts - and lived through it! I really miss having a basement because I have to use one of the bedrooms for my sewing room. Of course, my kids are gone, but still it would be nice to be able to spread out a little more.

Christina said...

Oh, if you don't want to visit Goodwill outlet again, I will do it for you!!!! sooo wish we had one of those around here. seriously contemplating a trip up to Greenville just to visit one :) I loved it ;)

But I will pretty much do anything for a deal ;)