Saturday, July 28, 2012

{Post 1,021} Squares Surrounded

I only sewed for a little while on the machine today.  I added 4 more rows to my Squares Surrounded quilt.  The left edge measures 73" long.  I am going to set it by counting the pieced squares...9 x 11.  The left edge is 9 long.  I need to add 2 more rows before I hit a corner, if that makes sense.  All the blocks and setting triangles are pieced for this.  

Inspiration hit in the area of keeping track of on-point rows.  I used 4 daisy-head pins (shaped like a daisy, but flat...I use them for pinning my quilts onto my leaders on my quilt frame).  I numbered them 1-4 and pinned them onto the top triangle of the rows after I laid them out.  Then I pinned each block to the next in its row with a regular pin.  Pieced them, ironed them, and attached them to the mother ship w/o any mix-ups.  Grand!!

I hardly thought it possible, but I think we have too many large quilts.  Our quilt rack and my closet shelf overfloweth.  

So I was thinking about the gift-giving quilts thing again.  What if I contacted people I want to give a quilt to and showed them pictures (with measurements) and said, "I'd like to give you a quilt.  Which one of these would you like?"  Is that super tacky??

Lastly, I am putting up new curtains in my bedroom.  In this post I talked about the possibility of having a Christmas quilt in my room.  My curtains were a fall print.  A lovely fall print--quite possibly my favorite Thimbleberries print EVER.  My current bed quilt has a string of red squares down the center of each braid.  The Christmas quilt, obviously, would go better with red.  So I bought these two types of red valances.  The problem is that I like the color of one and the design of the other.  I am returning both sets.  I have another plan.  I am going to buy one panel of the color I like and make my own valances.

Here are the two that bombed:

I wanted something that looked like it went with quilts, but wasn't ho-hum old-fashioned looking.  I think what I really want is a dark mostly red homespun with a tiny cream plaid line in it.



Ruth said...

I love this quilt and the Fair & Square one. You are super fast!! Now, about large quilts. I have been trying to increase my amount of large ones lately. Lap quilts are OK, but I don't really use them much. Maybe if we lived in the north I would. Bed quilts seem more useful. I don't think it's tacky to ask people to choose one. It's better than asking them ahead of time what kind of quilt do you want. What if they want something that you (meaning me) either can't do or would hate doing. I'm kind of in that spot now as one of my DIL's asked me to do a certain kind of quilt. I wanted her to pick out a pattern, but she didn't see a pattern she liked, so she just told me how she wants it. It's applique and I have never done much appliqué. Actually, it might come out OK. I like being in my comfort zone much better.

Kristie said...

Oh my! I just love this quilt! Is this your own design or a pattern? I really do like it! Can't wait to see more of it.

Have a wonderful and Blessed day