Friday, April 1, 2011

Machine Quilting Finished on Texas Braid

Just took my Texas Braid off the quilt frame, and it looks great!  Earlier this evening, I sewed the binding strips end-to-end, and Rachel agreed to iron them for me (for a price, hee hee). 

So tomorrow I will trim this down and sew the binding on to the front.  I hope to have it on our bed within the week.  BP (before puppy) I probably could have hoped for a couple days of hand stitching time for the binding, but who knows now?  Pepper might be a hindrance to my quilting...only time will tell.



Leeanne said...

Yummo!! Look great.

SubeeSews said...

Is your frame a B-Line????
I have a B-Line but the room is too small to set it up bigger. What machine do you use? Love the quilt!
And Pepper is so beautiful!