Saturday, July 7, 2012

{Post 1,003} Apple Pie Quilt

Might have gotten your attention with that name, huh?  The original quilt is in blue and called Blueberry Pie.  

I opened an Etsy shop last week under the name ShelbyStitcher.  So I've been making items to put in there.  This pattern looked really neat, and I made it up in all Thimbleberries reds and creams.  It seems like a long time since I've done any T'b sewing.  

This measures 65-1/2" x 77", too big to fit on my design wall.  Rachel held it out to the side, but I couldn't get a good picture.  I will try again tomorrow.  I want my Etsy shots to be the best they can be.  

Very unusual for me, especially with a scrappy quilt, but I cut out all the pieces before I did a stitch for this one.  Cut it out last night and sewed all the units, even double sewed the corner seams.  They were BIG--3-1/2" squares of creams.  So I have 120 red and cream HSTs to use up somewhere.

I want to be fair and yet receive the value of my quilt tops. How much would you charge for one of these?  I have a price in mind, but I want to see how close your suggestions come.

Good night!



Ruth said...

I'm thinking about $55-60, more or less? How does that sound?

kayt said...

well, all I have to say is if that is the price, mark it sold!! I'll jump on it for that price!!

Anonymous said...

I can't help with a suggested price. But I think that I would check out other sellers on Etsy to see what prices they are charging.