Wednesday, July 4, 2012

{Post 1,001} Independence Day

Did something really unusual for our family today...we all went together to the Kings Mountain National Military Park.  A kind lady took a pic of all of us there:

Then we all pitched in and cleaned up and decluttered the whole house.  (Thanks, guys!)  My husband volunteered to get us some special vittles for a lunch feast.  We had rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, baked herb potato wedges, and fresh corn on the cob (bliss).  Watermelon and apple pie bars to come later.

Wes also surprised me by picking up these beauties to enhance our table.

We watched many short videos of the Revolutionary War days at the Park.  They have a beautiful center where there is a museum and gift shop.  It is so well done.  Evidently the battle at Kings Mountain was the beginning of the end of the war, where the tide was turned.  To hear of such sacrifice and suffering moved me to tears several times.  

Colonel Isaac Shelby was a valiant and brave leader in the Revolutionary War.  Our fair city was named after him.  

So glad to live in a free country and am grateful for those who served in the past and are serving now to keep those freedoms intact.

~Joan, who is off to sew in the basement, where it is cooler :)

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