Friday, February 24, 2012

{Post #918} Florabunda 48 Blocks & Border

Finished up the center of my Florabunda quilt tonight and added one pieced inner border.  I think I'll cut up the dark 3-1/2" strips I have left over to run one border of that around the outside. 

I sewed the 1-1/2" strips left over from trimming down the light 3-1/2" strips (original size of the triangle units) together then trimmed them down to 2" and sewed them in lengths.  I used up all but about 10" of what I had cut originally.  How great is that?

The picture at the bottom is w/o the inner border yet attached that is shown in close-ups above.  How confusing is that?



julieQ said...

I have all your bow ties all ready to!! Just received mine and thank you...they are gorgeous!! Beautiful Floribunda quilt!

Anonymous said...

It's really lovely, Joan!

Hugs. Audrey