Thursday, January 26, 2012

{Post #891} GFG Repaired and Enlarged

One thing I've come to realize when I'm making a craft:  As soon as I realize I don't like something, take the time to undo it, and then go on.  

For example, it really bothered me that I ignored my color plan and ended up with the two cream flowers side by side.  Some people would say, "Oh well--who's going to notice?"  *I* am going to's MY quilt!  So, yeah, I ripped out the cream flower and put the one that was supposed to be there. Not sure I like the periwinkle flower because it stands out so much.  I hope once the garden is complete it will look like it fits there.

This piece measures 28" from top to bottom.

Here is the before and the now (after)...

So, all in all, I'm back where I started, and even a little ahead.  I have the cream blossom pieced to just stick in where it belongs when I get there.


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Pat said...

I never could get into the GFG pattern but I sure can appreciate how much work goes into one. Smart girl for making the change back to the original plan you like better. You want to smile, not wince every time you look at the quilt! ;)

I took apart an entire quilt top I made from a kit once because I just didn't like it when it was finished. I made completely different blocks and was so glad I took the time too, to not settle for "good enough".
Have you ever thought of making a "Dear Jane" quilt? I've resisted for years but the challenge of it is calling my name these days.