Tuesday, January 24, 2012

{Post #889} You Won't Believe It

An unprecedented event took place here at Parker Ranchero this AM.  I cleaned off my cutting table.  Yes, it's true.  I remembered right before I jumped in that I should take a "before" picture.  Here it is...

Whew--it looked overwhelming.  The reason I started this arduous process is that I lost the instructions for my secret project AGAIN!!  I figured it could not hurt to clean up this mess.  I couldn't even cut any more fabric.  It was time for intervention.  I hope to finish the blocks today and needed to know how to cut the pieced border!!  Hop on over to my secret projects blog to see the progress on my latest endeavor.

After about 30 minutes this was the result:

The second picture is to prove that I didn't just dump everything on the floor.

I found the instructions.  They weren't on the cutting table, but that's OK.  I found them.  I also found my magnetic wrist pincushion that I use when I pin a quilt to my machine quilting frame.  It's been missing for a really long time.  Having it makes pinning so much easier.  Um, it wasn't on the cutting table either.  

Both of the items were found when I was putting away things from the cutting table.  It pays to be thorough.

But I am still glad I cleaned it off!!


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Anonymous said...

I note that your piano-keyboard is mounted rather low! Is this because you sing alto, or is it that when you collapse - as surely you MUST - you can reach up and accompany yourself with some uplifting ditty??!!
Well Done, anyway. I'm just jealous!!