Thursday, January 26, 2012

{Post #890} GFG

So here is my Grandmother's Flower Garden progress.  I cannot take the mistake I made of ignoring my color layout and placing two cream flowers next to each other (I mean--what in the world?), so I will be removing the bottom one and replacing it with the flower that I originally planned to be there.

We are replanting the flower bed areas outside the front edge of our house...hopefully this year!  I am eager to plant lots of lovely blossoms out there.  White and orange and red and purple...just like my GFG...but I am not a grandmother...YET!  I am not dropping any hints or news--just making an observation.



Leeanne said...

Your garden is growing well and so will the outside one I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Nice toothbrushing!!! I love the sign.

Debbie from the dentist office