Monday, January 9, 2012

{Post #877} New Wall Art

I am not a good decorator.  If you have been to my house, you already know that.  But I do buy what I like.  I might not like it where it is, but I like it!  The bulletin board two pictures down is the result of several things.  Realizing I did not need a bulletin board in the kitchen where it was.  Wanting a way to display lots of pictures with the ease of changing them out at will w/o major headaches and time involved.  Wanting to hang a sign I bought sort of on impulse.  

I saw this sign and liked it better in that same spot...above Rachel's school desk in the corner of our kitchen.  I had seen similar signs for lots of money.  This one is about 16" x 22" and was $10.  Sold!!  I also love the way it stands out on our red walls.

I am not a huge Pinterest addict, but I have seen some things that I'd like to make for my house.  The inspiration for my board was an empty picture frame that had picture-hanging wire strung along the back and photos hung from tiny snap clothespins.  My very thoughtful daughter pointed out that if I wanted a pic of each person in my family, I'd either need a huge frame or very tiny pictures.  I do have eight children and now a son-in-law!!

She was SO right.  As usual.  :)  She knows who she is.

When I took down the bulletin board, I realized I could spray paint it to match another item in our bedroom and end up with THIS:

It was very difficult to get a picture without glare somewhere.  The paint is a puzzle to me.  It is milk chocolate brown and has tiny terra-cotta-colored sparkles in it.  How do the sparkles stay uncovered by paint enough to show up?  Here is a close-up of my favorite part, a picture of my dear husband and I, and a picture of our hands forming a heart.

My husband pushed flat-headed thumb tacks through the tops of the snap clothespins, and I painted them brown to match the frame.  Our walls are sort of a Wendy's Frosty brown color, so this looks great.  I plan to add little embellishments such as putting a piece of paper behind the pictures, buttons, etc.  This is just the basis for the rest.


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Me and My Stitches said...

Love your sign and your picture board! I want to see it as you add more!