Friday, January 6, 2012

{Post #876} Under Sink Project

Even our cabinet floor is happy we are having a makeover...see the stain/smily face??

When I was finishing up the painting of the interior walls last night, my husband came home from a l-o-n-g day of work.  He had just driven over 90 minutes as well.  I pointed out how bad the condition of the side walls was...he changed clothes and went right down to the garage to cut some scraps of wood to recover the walls.  No wonder he is my hero!  He's always thinking of others.

So I painted the walls white last night.  While I was out today, he installed them.  He had to cut them in half to get them in there.  All the pipes, disposal, etc. have made this a cranky job.  As in...I was cranky when working on it!  But somehow I persevered (I'm sure it was only by God's grace).

In the above pic, I'm cutting out a rectangle to fit around one of the above-mentioned pipes.  I just used a paring knife to cut.  These are the cheap 12" self-adhesive floor tiles.  I don't actually adhere them to the base of the cabinet.  That way they are easy to remove and wipe off.  I just trim the paper away from the edges to make it look nice.

Above is the finished product from that little step.

Here is a close-up of the two-pipes-into-the-floor area.  I don't shoot for perfection here.  Just trying to use as few tile pieces as possible.

Here's the whole floor before putting things away.

Finally, with all our former stuff replaced...

Here is the before in case you forgot:

It sure is a lot of work to empty, declutter, clean, and reorganize, but the rewards are worth it!!


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