Tuesday, November 15, 2011

{Post #847} The Tale of Two Quilts

This pile is the beginning of a new I Spy quilt.  I'm making it for someone who is not pregnant yet.  It's going to be a big one (quilt, not baby), so I wanted to work on it gradually.  I will show some progress on it later (today or tomorrow).  After that, it will only be available on my secret blog. 

This is my log cabin quilt wall hanging for my very own house...most likely the living room.  I am sewing the rows to each other in between assembling the I Spy quilt from above.  I am going to hand quilt it.  Any design ideas besides Baptist Fans?  That is the way I'm leaning, but I'm open to other suggestions.

Off to sew a little more.  Rachel and I are meeting a group of local ladies for a sit and knit time tonight.  I will be hand quilting.  Think they'll notice?  At the craft show last week a man stopped at my table to make conversation.  He looked at all my quilts and said, "Someone's been doing a lot of crocheting!"  Yes--he was talking to me.


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Sew Unique Creations said...

No suggestions - baptist fans all the way!