Saturday, November 5, 2011

{Post #841} Craft Show

My daughters are all real go-getters.  Rachel is 13.  She is already working and saving money towards a camp she wants to attend this next summer. 

Just a few days ago we found out about a craft show at a local senior center.  Miraculously, someone cancelled and we were able to take their table.  We had 2 eight-foot banquet tables, so there was a lot of space.

Rachel sold freshly-baked muffins, water, soft drinks, bookmarks, and scarves.  She ended up making about $40.  A good day's work!

I rounded up things I had made as gifts to display.  I was thinking that if I sold them, I would just remake what I had sold.  Well, bummer.  I only sold one crocheted trivet and a tiny runner.  The runner was something I made at least 15 years ago, right after I first started quilting. 

But the good news is that I finished hand quilting the center of my Seeds of Kindness quilt (pictures with me above).  On to the border!!



Ruth said...

We do a few craft shows and food always sells good. Unfortunately, we don't sell food! Yesterday, we were at a craft show and it went pretty well, but I didn't sell many quilts. Oh well, I'll post them on my etsy store and maybe I'll have better luck.

Anonymous said...

the quilt you are holding is gorgeous! I need to make one some day!

Me and My Stitches said...

Love your quilt - and getting some hand quilting done is definitely an accomplishment!