Tuesday, November 15, 2011

{Post #848} New Group and SOK Progress

Rachel met a woman at the craft show last week that invited her to a "sit and knit" group that meets at a local church on Tuesday nights.  Since R doesn't drive (not many 13-year-olds do), I drove her over and took my Apple Core/Seeds of Kindness quilt to hand quilt while we were there.  We enjoyed lots of conversation and got some handwork done, too.  It was a really fun time.  I am about halfway finished.  I was going to edit a picture, but it won't upload for some reason.

Rachel is knitting a scarf with a snowflake motif in it that she designed herself.  She is a knifty knitter...so fast and accurate. 

My log cabin quilt center is complete.  It is 43" square.  I am considering adding a very small border as a frame, possibly 1-1/2" finished.  I will need to measure the wall where it will be hung tomorrow and see if that will make it too large.  Here it is...I love it!

Also finished my I Spy quilt center for now.  This will make it easy to see if I already have a particular fabric in it.  I only have a limited amount of the blues (which is unusual since I'm usually not threatened with running out of a fabric because my quilts are scrappy and I'm cutting off bolts).  I had what I thought was a great idea for adding the sashing and cornerstones to the 4-1/2" blocks, but I now think that the old-fashioned way is best.  Here is one block.  I added a plain blue strip to the right of every block.  Those were ironed out.  Then I added a light blue strip with a dark blue square on the end.  Every block had strips on two sides.  It went fine, but I wouldn't do it that way again.

Here is one block...

A close-up of two of my favorite sections...

The whole thing...so far.  This is 32" x 43".  Once I get my cutting table cleaned off, I will cut up a bunch more of my I Spy fabric collection.

Hello to my new friend, Barbara, from Sit & Knit!  She said she'd look at my blog soon.  Hope she does!



Leeanne said...

Love your log cabin quilt, yummy fabrics, let me guess....THIMBLRBERRIES!!!
Your eye spy quilt looks great, I look forward to seeing how you quilt it.

Ruth said...

Both quilts are wonderful! I love log cabin quilts and want to make one. I saw an awesome one in a quilt shop in Illinois and it was made with 1" strips. That's 1/2" finished. I have started saving 1" strips. I'll have to save for quite a while before I start it.

Me and My Stitches said...

Love both of your quilts - of course there's no such thing as a bad log cabin!

Teresa said...

I love your log cabin too!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joan!

I was just admiring your "about me" picture. I guess it is your profile picture. So pretty!