Wednesday, September 28, 2011

{Post #819} Guess What?

My husband told me a couple weeks ago that he made plans for the two of us for this coming Friday night and Saturday AM.  I asked him what he had planned.  He wasn't going to tell me at first, but decided the anticipation was part of the pleasure.  He is up for husband of the year AGAIN for this.  Are you ready?  He is taking me to the Asheville quilt show.  Yes, he is looking forward to following me around while I ooh and aah over quilts.  Of course I'll be taking lots of pictures.

No hand sewing or quilting today.  We had a busy AM, then Elisabeth drove me an hour one way to pick up our new car.  New to us...old to others.  My son, Ben, upon seeing it, said, "That's an old man's car."  I calmly replied, "It is NOW".  It is a 2002 Toyota Corolla...only 88,000 miles on it. walking.  We are thankful for God providing this vehicle for us and hope it lasts us many years and miles.

I had a little extra time, so I stopped at Mary Jo's to buy fabric for a shower curtain I'm making for my dad.  I picked up some English paper piecing hexagons.  I want to try my hand at making a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt from Thimbleberries.  Will show work when I have done some on that.


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Ruth said...

Isn't it great when they surprise you with something like that!! I really like the idea of a pieced shower curtain. I have been thinking about making one for my "Patriotic" bathroom. Red, white & blue squares or 9-patch, maybe. I think my car is an old lady's car - its a 1997 Buick and I love it!