Saturday, October 30, 2010

Steps and Stars Machine Quilting Started

Here is the progress on the Steps and Stars. These first two pictures show the dwirling from the front then the back. I am getting the hang of this. It is different for me...well, new is the word, I guess. The quilted lines are about an inch apart.

Here is a triple paisley shape in the border with thread matching the border print. Again, this is from the front and the next picture is from the back.

I am taking a break for now, but hope to do more tonight. I have had lots of questions from other home quilters using a domestic machine. I feel like all of us quilters should help each other do our personal best. I have a lot to learn, but here are some tips from me. Maybe you will find some of them useful...

*I use straight pins to baste the quilt. I put all the pins going in from right to left. They are about 4-6 inches apart in a grid. The reason I use straight pins is that it is so quick to whip them out as I quilt and toss them towards the magnetic pin cushion.

*I often quilt the border first to get rid of a bunch of pins so it's less like wrestling with a porcupine.

*Pick a design that gives your a place to stop (with needle down to keep the quilt from slipping) so you can reposition your hands.

*There are times I don't use any aids in moving the quilt. I just purchased a pair of Machingers and LOVE them. They are snug but not warm, give enough fingertip control to remove or place pins, and are inexpensive.

*Practice drawing new designs on paper or a whiteboard to imbed the design in your mind.

*Plan ahead for where you're going to quilt toward so you don't "paint yourself into a corner".

*Keep as much of the quilt up on your sewing surface as possible to prevent drag on the quilt as you sew it.

*Prefill as many bobbins as you think you will need.

*Practice practice, practice!

That's it!



Leeanne said...

good advice Joan, I too use a domestic machine to do my quilting, plus I run a business quilting for others.One thing I would add is a clean/oiled machine and new needle are a must...oh and Practice, practice, practice!!

Anonymous said...

The thought of free motion on a domestic machine scares me silly!!! I know it CAN be done, because the woman who demonstrated my Pfaff QE 4.0 made it look so simple, but ........ I scare so easily!!!

Anonymous said...

All great advice!
I still need more "practice, practice, practice" but I am confident I will get there!

~ Meagan

a.niza said...

me too, a domestic machine quilter and I learn a lot from others . You are doing pretty good already!