Thursday, July 29, 2010

Home, Sweet Home

We are finally home. I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed our visit in Florida. Well, there was one rough spot for our son, but very nearly thoroughly. Below is our hostess (hi, Kila!!) and her son. This was at a picnic on Bear Lake our last night there (sniff, sniff).

The very first evening I was there, I learned that Kila is a beginning quilter. Need I say more? Like twins separated at birth! She is nearly finished hand-piecing a beautiful queen-sized quilt. I forgot to get a picture of it! What was I thinking? We got along swimmingly.

Speaking of swimming, here are my two youngest at the beach. They didn't see any oil from the recent spill. I heard that some of the Pensacola beaches were affected, but not this one!

The sun is so BRIGHT there. I was graduated from a college in Pensacola, so I actually did live there for four years. Now I recall why I was always squinting in pictures from 1984-1988! This is taken from one bridge to the other on our way back to the Bryans.

This picture was taken on the Naval Air Station base at the museum. My handsome hubby is on the left, then Josiah, our son James, and Steve. James is working full-time at the college he attends. Steve is a new friend :) If you get the opportunity to visit the museum, I would highly recommend it. So good to spend some time with Josiah!!

I have had a typical home morning...woke up at 4 AM (just gained an hour on the way home, so why does my body think I need to be awake at 3 AM??). Couldn't go back to sleep, so I woke Wes up to see if he was having trouble sleeping--hahaha...

Started laundry. Thanks to Kila's generosity (did some laundry at her house the day before we left), I only have a few loads to do from the whole week. Started machine quilting a baby quilt for a baby born last week. Planning meals, shopping lists, etc., etc. Welcome home, Joan!

I think we need to stay home for months since we've been gone so much this summer. Whew--I barely recognize the place.

So glad to be home, but also so sad to be away from our Florida friends already!


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