Saturday, April 10, 2010

G. I. Joe

Here is our friend Josiah's platoon in formation on the parade deck. There were about 300 graduates. They started with over 400. The large group was divided into 6 platoons. This was the first time we saw him in over 3 months.

Here is Joe's group marching past the bleachers. Notice that except for the flag bearers, they are in order by height, front to back.

The climax of the AM was when the drill instructors yelled, "Diiiiiiiis-missed!" and all the grads could relax for the first time in months, literally. Joe bolted for the bleachers and was the first one to reach his fans! We counted 42 family and friends that made the journey to congratulate him.

Here is my family with the happy grad. Joe's dad is on the far left with the sunglasses on. Our neighbor, and Joe's friend, Luke, is by Joe's left shoulder. The rest is my family (two of my children were unable to attend). Joe's battalion color was BLUE, so we all dressed accordingly. Left to right are Rachel (12), Emily (18), Susanna (15), Josiah. Next row Isaac (10), me, Wes, Benjamin (13). Front: Luke (17). It was sunny!

Here he is smiling (for the first time in 3 months, he commented) and chatting with all his well-wishers. He had the highest combined physical fitness and combat fitness score for his platoon. Way to to, Joe!!

Welcome home, Josiah!!

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