Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mt. Never-rest is About to Blow & New Baby Quilt

Four of my children got home from a mission trip this AM about 4:30. They each had 10 days' worth of dirty laundry. They did painting/construction work much of the trip. Stink about it. Uuum--I mean *think* about it! I got up at 8 and have been doing laundry ever since. I am halfway through with 2nd child's laundry. Thank God for a fantastic washer and dryer!

One reason I appreciate the functioning appliances is that our vacuum broke yesterday in the midst of a whole-house vacuum extravaganza. I can't remember where we bought it or when, but I need to investigate SOON so we can get it repaired.

While in Florida last week, I decided to make some new friends a baby quilt. The baby is due in less than a couple weeks. Their nursery is light lime green. I am resolved to avoid buying any fabric for I Spy quilts unless absolutely necessary. I found a piece of light lime green mottled fabric in my stash, so I used that for this. Still deciding on border fabrics. I had the novelty prints already cut into 4-1/2 inch squares, so I cut the green and pieced this this AM.

I feel like my life has suddenly escalated to supersonic speed. We have never in all our born days made so many trips and done so many things as we have the last couple months. We just got home from a week in Florida (12-hour trip one way) on Wednesday night. Four of our children just got back from Philadelphia this AM. Now, two of the girls are going BACK to Florida to visit the same folks we just left. All I can say is, "I with I could go, too!!" We are watching three boys starting Wednesday until I don't know when, so I suspect I would be missed. But I'd love to go back.

More laundry, more sewing, more cooking, more everything!! My life is full!


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