Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hello to my friends at Dr. Stover's!!

I had two doctor's appointments to go to with my oldest son today. Seeds of Kindness went with me. I hand quilted six more whole rows today.

The first stop was the eye doctor's. Every single person that came into the waiting room started talking to me once they settled in. They all said they remember their grandmothers quilting. One man actually asked to touch the quilt! People really come out of their shells when I am working on a quilt in front of them.

My dentist is the greatest (hi, Dr. Doug!). His office staff and hygienists always admire my quilts. None of them had ever seen my SOK quilt, and they ALL came out and touched it and oohed and aahed.

A close-up of the middle. I am a little less than halfway across in one direction. I am thrilled with the progress.

Here is the whole thing. I really like the way the edge is finished. I hand appliqued the center to rectangles for the border.

More tomorrow. My family just started a hymn-sing in the living room, and I don't want to miss it.


Anonymous said...

Joan, you ARE the best! But photos do NOT do your quilts the justice they deserve. The love and care and texture of fabrics and depth of color and design and and and...just doesn't translate!

Debbie, hygienist and "wannabe quilter"

~Joan said...

Well, Debbie, short of inviting all my blog readers to see and touch my quilts, my inferior pics are the best I can do! It's always a JOY to see you at Dr. S's!! Great work on the surprise!! Dr. Susan let me sneak a peek!!

Leeanne said...

What a beautiful quilt.Maybe you will inspire some of these people that have seen your work to take up quilting?

Sew Unique Creations said...

Wow! I love this quilt - you did an awesome job!