Friday, June 4, 2010

Corner Conquered!!

I have been hand quilting all evening. I don't feel well enough to do anything else!! My head is pounding and I am nauseated from it.

So I continued to quilt and watch a movie (Ratatouille). I was puzzled when I got to the corner of my quilt. It didn't "turn" right. If you'll notice, one side ended with a concave shape and the other with a convex shape. I wanted to incorporate a few apple seeds in the quilting. I looked at it for a few minutes, then figured my solution. I finished each side off with an apple seed shape on the end, then added one into the corner. Voila!!

I had the binding ready (pieced and ironed), so I sewed that on by machine to the front. That's the only machine work on the entire quilt.

Off to bed with me now.



Leeanne said...

Clever you..hope your head is better.

julieQ said...

I really hope you are feeling better. That headache/nausea stuff is terrible. Your hand quilting is espeically pretty!