Thursday, June 3, 2010


The children and I did a huge job today. It was actually my own Greener Grass picture in yesterday's post that pushed me over the edge into action. (Check out the pollen build-up on and under the swing). This is one task that's been needing done for a long time and was waxing worse and worse. Several of the children cleaned and organized our entire attic a couple weeks ago. Most of the "what-do-we-do-with-this" stuff ended up on our screened-in porch (below). Add in a recent exterior house painting, garage door trim replacement, new mattress for my oldest son's bed, and the porch was a mess--Junk Purgatory.

Today was the day, however. Susanna and I commandeered all our helpers. My oldest two boys loaded up an entire 15-passenger van of junk and hauled it off to the dump. I mentioned to Susanna that we should take before pictures. She said she would be too embarrassed. Couldn't have that!

While the boys were gone, the rest of us moved everything off the cement patio under this porch. Then I swept and mopped the screened-in porch floor.

It was so hot out that sections were drying before I rinsed them. There was so much pollen on the window ledges, swing, picnic table, and floor that it made the water yellow (and black, if that is even possible). I hosed off the whole thing after washing it with a light detergent, and voila!! Beautiful, clean, screened-in porch.

We have a couple screen sections that have come loose. I was hoping to repair those today (it isn't a huge job), but I had been out there working for about five hours, and it was time for a break.

Once the porch was finished, we swept and hosed down the cement patio. It had been an eclectic and very messy collection of bikes, buckets, lawn care equipment, gardening supplies, gas cans, etc., etc., and so on. M-U-C-H nicer now!

I had one more what I thought was little job to do before getting cleaned up. Our gas grill is used very little, but it has seen better days. Because I too often forgot to cover it after it cooled off, the wooden handle and slats where I set the platter for cooked meats needed an upgrade/re-do. Today I sanded and painted them. I'll show you the finished product tomorrow. A little paint or stain can give new life to an item and add years to its life. Here is the before... I'll show you "after" tomorrow.

Off for a much-needed shower.


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