Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring is in the Quilting?

Here is a quilting project I started today. The top thread has already broken on my machine at least ten times. That really takes the joy out of machine quilting for me, but to avoid basting has its price.

I am using a variegated cream/tan/taupe Signature thread. I have not had problems with the S thread in the past, but perhaps the variegating makes the thread weaker? Hmmm..

This was pieced a million quilting years ago. It was one of my first leader/ender projects. I saw and fell in love with the strip between the pieced units. Unfortunately, it was no longer in print when I first saw it. eBay to the rescue! I got a 2 yard piece. Then I picked 2" squares from my scraps that matched the colors in the strip. The strip has blue flowers, raspberries, and little tan birds. It is so beautiful. Thimbleberries, of course.

Off to my children's year-end youth group award banquet. Here are pics from last year. My sweet husband bought our three girls corsages and our two guys boutonnieres. You can be sure I'll post lots of pictures.



momtofatdogs said...

Although I do not wish thread woes on anyone, I have been having thread issues too. More tension related than anything.......

Beautiful quilt!


Connie said...

Very pretty quilt top. hope the machine will do ok so you can finish this project..... Happy quilting!

Lindah said...

How pretty! And how frustrating to have all the thread breaks. Maybe a new needle? Maybe a size larger needle? Sometimes the problem really is the thread. I find that deeply saturated colors, reds in particular, break a lot on my machine. --and of course, that is the color range that I would use often. Hope you can find the solution so the quilting becomes a pleasant experience.