Monday, April 26, 2010

Quilted Cotton Seeds

Above is the progress on my spool quilt. I am very discouraged because I am not hearing back from the woman that is sending my last set of 25 blocks. It's been nearly a month since I wrote her. I am at the point where I need to just fill in the last corner. I really want to wait to get the last set so I can mix them together. Assistant: very cute 10-year-old son. I am not sure if I should just go ahead and piece 25 more blocks of my own or what.

I am so glad I blog. I was able to look back and see where all the little HSTs came from for this next top. I remember that I had enough to make this quilt and one top to sell from wherever it was. Here is the quilt and picture of this one unquilted.

I've been working on it the past week or so and am nearly finished hand quilting the center. I'm quilting it with lines about 1" apart that go in the ditch of the pieced rows. My border is looking wavy since the quilting is pulling the center in a little. The yellow threads are my basting.

Here is the whole thing. The HSTs finish at 1" square. I am finished up to the last large block in the top left corner. Now I'm wishing I had continued the quilting right into the border. I guess the reason I didn't was that I am using a dark tan thread, and I did not want it showing up that much in the border.

I am hand quilting one other "piece", but I'll photograph that in the morning light. These were taken in my sewing room after sundown, so the lighting isn't so great.

Good night!



Jan said...

That is a tough one, to wait or make more. I think I would wait, unless you're really in a hurry to get it done!
I love how you have set your Klosjes on point, it looks really nice that way.

Leeanne said...

Beautiful Joan, lovely quilting.The spool quilt is looking great, I hope your other spools come soon.I have pieced my spool top together, I will post a photo on my blog needs to be quilted, but I have many customers quilts to do too.

Elizabeth said...

I just got to see the triangles-and-green quilt. It's adorable in person!! Joan, did you need my address to send it to me, since you won't give me the "Grass is Greener" quilt?! :-)

-- Elizabeth