Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Awards Banquet Pictures

Do you ever feel like you're being stared at? I asked Rachel (12) if I could take a picture of her hair, and this is the look I got...

Here is Emily's hair from the side. The girls in the youth group usually congregate at a few of the girls' houses to do their hair. Some of the college-age girls help with that. My oldest daughter was one of them this year! Thanks, Elisabeth.

Here is a shot of all five of my youth-group-aged children...from left to right, Rachel, Benjamin, Emily, Luke and Susanna. Although Benjamin's team won the award for the year, he doesn't look very happy about it! He was probably sad for the teams that did not win.

I wish I could have gotten some good pictures of the inside of our church building. It was amazing, but there was very little light, so it was difficult to photograph. It was a "seeking the truth" theme, and was based on an Indiana Jones-esque type theme (from what I'm told...I've never seen Indiana Jones myself)...sand on the floor, stone walls, burlap-looking swags draped from the ceiling, torchlight, etc. The guides (seaters) were dressed in outback outfits.

Good night!


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