Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sew Many Things To Do

I have had questions about the blocks on my spool quilt that seem to disappear. They both happen to be pink. Here is the first one. There is very little contrast between the spool and the background. I think it adds a little more charm to the quilt.

Here is the second one. Again--a very low contrast of fabrics.

And, sew far, so good. I have turned the corner and am just adding length now. When I snapped the pic, the top two corners fell back (no assistants today). That is the top "square" edge of the quilt. I know how many more blocks I have, just need to figure out how many more I need. Who ever said math was not useful on a daily basis? Not a home schooling mom, that's for sure.

Do you see my two pink disappearing blocks in the body of the quilt?

Last, but not least, is the Texas Braid row I added to while putting the spool quilt blocks together. One more spool, one more braid strip, one more spool, etc. Makes both projects go faster than clipping the threads after every new spool block was added to the row. The braid is about 88" long. Needs a few more strips to be complete.

Tomorrow AM is our adult Sunday school snack Sunday. I am making two pans of home made cinnamon rolls and a mini chocolate chip cake to take. I need to run Luke to work, then home to bake, exercise, and shower. That should make the day complete, I think.

Have a good evening.



Helen in the UK said...

Love your spool blocks. I agree that the lighter blocks add an extra dimension to the quilt and made the viewer look again :)

Quilter Kathy said...

I am visiting from Julie's blog.
Great idea to have 2 projects on the go... to alternate sewing and keeping yourself on your toes!

Leeanne said...

I agree Joan, it doesn't hurt to have these 'disappearing' blocks it all adds to the charm.
You have the same background on your blog as mine! Thankyou for sharing.

Leeanne said...

i guess it would be too late to start a swap with you?

Teresa said...

Are you going to use your braid as a border for the spools? You are doing such pretty work on both. I pulled a close up of one of your spools to see how you were putting them together, and it looks like you are doing them different from the other blogs I have seen. Most are English paper pieced. I like yours too, and now am wondering which I should do. I plan to teach this to my quilt club at the June meeting.

I came to your blog via Julie's, and enjoyed seeing your projects and Marine pictures. I will be back.

MARCIE said...

Oh I recognize some of those blocks! Your quilt is getting bigger and bigger. Love that braid border too!