Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 7th Arrival

I got these wonderful blocks from Julie in the mail today. There was so much happening around here that I didn't get to post about it until now. This had to be the fastest swap ever. I have been piecing spool blocks for my quilt for a little while. I was reading Julie's blog, and saw that she also just started piecing spools. Hers are smaller than mine, but I couldn't tell that from her post. I wrote and asked her if she wanted to swap some (a set of 25), and within a week we both had our *new-to-us* blocks in hand!!

Here are my favorites. There was a tie for first!! The one on the left has the loveliest pink and brown print. I never thought my quilt would have pink in it (because it's such a non-Thimbleberries color), but I think all but one contributor has had a pink block or two. I love them! The purple one is a tie for favorite because when I think of Julie, I think about her mad about plaid quilts, and that makes me remember her. Purple is also my favorite all-around color. Every quilt should have some!


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julieQ said...

Joan, I am so glad you like them. I so enjoyed making them for you, and hope I see them in your finished quilt someday!!