Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rachel's Day

Rachel had quite the day. She had a piano recital at 3:30, then a violin recital at 7:00. Above is a pic of her piano teacher (in the white skirt) and all her teacher's students. This was the most fun recital ever. It was just so enjoyable. All the pieces were well selected and executed. Every student did such a good job. I was sorry when it was over.

Rachel is in the front row in the plaid skirt. She won the award for obtaining the most points in the point system her teacher had for practice times, extra work, pieces learned, etc. I am so happy for her. She will be attending a live symphony orchestra performance with her teacher soon as a reward.


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Teresa said...

Congratulations to Rachel and to you too, the proud mom. It is great when our kids excel, but the best part is seeing them enthusiased and having fun with something so wonderful as playing a musical instrument