Friday, April 16, 2010

Baby Quilt Half Pieced

Here is the layout of the batik baby blocks. They don't seem to have as much red as they did when I was at the fabric store!! But once I get the outer border on, it will look better...I hope.

Here I have about half sewn together. I usually have much smaller units. There is not much size lost after the units are sewn together on this one, so it will be fairly large (for a baby quilt). The top left corner is sewn together and the bottom right is not. Not much difference in size, is there?

The unsewn pieces on the right have little papers with the row numbers. I love setting quilt blocks on point, but it does make sewing the rows together a little more complicated. Having the rows numbered help me keep things in order.

I am taking a break from working on this...not feeling 100% today.


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momtofatdogs said...

Hope you feel better soon, Joan! Is it the pollen? My car looks YELLOW today because of all the pollen. Thankfully, my allergies have not effected me yet.

So , how big are the rectangles before you do the diagonal seam?

You're more ambitous then I. I don't think I'd have fiddled with those teeny tiny 1/2 square triangles....I DID however, finish piecing a baby quilt for the grandbaby. Super simple sawtooth stars. All in homespun plaids on a background of navy blue. I hope to post a photo of it this weekend.

Though about quilting it with frogs........I have a panto called "Ribbit".