Monday, March 8, 2010

Good News

No picture, but really good news on the quilt front. I hand quilted the entire last HST row from my row quilt tonight. Still have the majority of the last large block row to do, but didn't have a long ruler at hand.

One of the college girls that came over declined watching a movie. She mentioned that she had to study for a midterm that is tomorrow. I asked "what class?". She said it was sign language. I happen to be a sign language interpreter, so I spent the next hour or so helping her study. It was very fortunate for her. She had missed a class because of training for work, so she didn't even know the signs she was supposed to be studying for that unit. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

May I go on record to say that it pains me to watch college students eat. They can really shovel it in...and stay stick thin.


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momtofatdogs said...

They burn it all off studying.

DD#1 lost 30 pounds (and she couldn't afford to..) during the first 18 months of pre-med. Keep in mind, after that, she changed her major.........