Friday, March 12, 2010

Hand Basting That Curvy Edge

I have decided to draw my Seeds of Kindness quilt to a close. I guess this type of thing could go on and on. There is one last vertical row pieced to add to the body of the quilt. I have cut out enough apple core blocks for two or three more horizontal (the shorter) rows, which I shall also add.

Since I had some significant car time Wednesday night, I took this along and started basting the outer edge under 1/4". I plan to applique it to a rectangle of fabric, then hand quilt it. This is a lot of progress. Once my car time depleted a year ago, it was difficult to make time to work on this little gem.

Speaking of little gems...

This is what I had on the design wall as of last night. Forty-eight light Bull's Eye blocks. Remember, this is a project made of left over circles from my larger 3-circle original Bull's Eye quilt. I have webbed the first three blocks together already, which puts me half way through the webbing of the units. This might get put together this weekend...and it might NOT!

My oldest daughter's spring break sort of starts today. She has a friend staying for the week, so I'm not sure how my spare time is going to play out.

Hope you enjoy today and get to put a few stitches in something that makes you happy.


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Quilts And Pieces said...

Joan, since the tumbler quilt is so large and heavy with all the brushed cotton I just had it quilted with an all over feathery flower pattern. Not anything too earth shattering, but fancy quilting wouldn't really show up much anyway. and this quilt is for my bed so will be used and not a "show piece".