Thursday, March 11, 2010

For Sale Soon on eBay...

Soon I will be listing the above two quilt tops for sale. I am cleaning out some of my unfinished quilt tops that I can bear to part with.

The top is called Zigzag Star. It might be staying here. It is lacking two borders. I love the zigzag that runs down the quilt and can just imagine it with a large feather quilted there. I also really like the stars with the tiny 16-patch centers. But now that I've pieced it, it just doesn't scream "keep me forever". Well, maybe it's whispering. I think I'll refold that one and put it back in the drawer.

As for the bottom quilt top (Mennonite Mosaic), it definitely must go. I was this close (imagine pic of my forefinger and thumb a nanometer apart) to hand quilting it. I even bought the right shades of each color thread to correspond to the fabrics in the quilt. When I first saw this quilt top on two other blogs, I HAD to piece was like an obsession. It is really an amazing design. The colors read as solids from a slight distance, but they are all actually tiny Thimbleberries prints. The problem?? There is no place for red fabric (in this large of a dose) in my life. I don't want to repaint any rooms or make new window treatments for the living room, so it must go. I am seriously considering making one with brown where the red is so I can use it for a bed quilt in my bedroom. Hand quilting has me in its grasp, and I should piece and hand quilt one before the grasp loosens!

If you are interested, check out my auction button to the left...might be a day or two before it's listed. I hope to do it today, but one never knows!


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