Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Another Wonderful Day

Well, it's been another wonderful day. That's all I could think when trying to come up with a title for today's post. I am blessed in every way. The majority of today was spent with my oldest daughter. She is 17. A joy to be with. Yes--I ended that sentence with a preposition. I could tell her that she is a joy, and she'd believe me. But somehow I think it will mean more when she reads it on my blog...and I'll know when she does! :)

This quilt is a little one (half-size version) I made from a free pattern Marcie posted. I made one full size, but this is the 50% smaller style. I made one for my 3rd son's Sunday school teacher, and I'm keeping its twin. The red and white stripe just gives it some zip. It's only about 12-1/4" square.

Blogging gives me time to stop and think about things that would just fly by otherwise. I have read so many ideas on the blogs of others that have given me inspiration. Somewhere (I forgot where!) I read the challenge to end every day thinking of blessings from that day. So as I wait for my DH to come to bed, I make a mental list of blessings from that day.

At the top of the list today is our pediatrician. He is an energy-giver...always has a big smile and a friendly disposition. I had to take DD#1 to see him today for asthma control. He changed her medicine schedule and gave us what I calculate to be nearly $200 worth of samples. Thanks the Lord! What a blessing that was today, and so unexpected. Then DD & I did a little shopping, went out for lunch, and just enjoyed each other's company. What fun!

I need help from someone about blogging technicalities...all my pictures end up at the top of my text. Is there a way to move them around once they're in the blog box before publishing? I haven't been able to find it if there is. HELP!!


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Leah S said...

Here's how I put up pictures. First I upload them in the order I want them to appear. Blogger lets you upload 5 at a time, so if you want to post 6 pictures, you need to post pictures 2-6 first, and then #1. Any time you add a picture after you added one or text, it'll put it to the top of the page, and it's a pain to move.

Also, when I upload pictures, I always select size "large" and the "none" position. This has allowed me to have greater control over certain settings (like clicking the picture to make it bigger) and I know some other bloggers have switched to that setting. It's just easier. :)

So let's say you upload 3 pictures. And you want to type stuff between each photo. Click anywhere in the post screen - you probably won't see the cursor blink. Then hit your up arrow 3 times (the amount of pictures you have). Then hit the left arrow once.

Now hit enter. You should have a gap of white space between the top of the posting box and the first picture. If there's no gap, I would try hitting enter again. Then hit the down arrow once, enter again, and you should have a gap between the first and second picture. Hit the down arrow again, enter again and there should be a gap between the second and third picture.

Perhaps you can "practice" with a few photos, and if something seriously messes up or disappears, you can just hit the good ol' red X in the top right corner. ;)

Oh, and one of the tabs say "HTML" and the other says "Compose". Compose is what you normally see when you write a post, but if you feel more comfortable with HTML, you can post your pictures and switch to HTML mode and write around the photo brackets. I like using "preview" to make sure the post is going to look like what I have in mind.

Hope that helped some! :)