Tuesday, February 13, 2018

{Post 1,580} Grandson’s Quilt

I posted about these blocks a short time ago. I was going to use them to make a small baby boy quilt. They are just so cute that I decided to make more and use them for a twin-sized quilt for my grandson, Timmy. He is the grandchild I see the most. He stays with us for days or a week at a time often. He video calls me fairly often, too. Here he is from this morning asking me if I can see him, ha ha! He is three years old.

Yes, yes I can, Timmy!! <3

Here are the blocks I have pieced. We (his mother and I) have decided to use the denim-centered blocks for the top of the mattress, then add enough checkerboard squares to be the drop all around. The denim-centered ones will also be a pillow tuck. I think it’s going to be marvelous. I just LOVE shirt quilts.

I am adding one more vertical row of blocks on the left end to make it long enough for the pillow tuck. I am waiting to hear from her how long to make the drop, but I can start cutting more 2-1/2” squares, because I’m sure I’ll need a lot of them. I have many, many shirts, so there’s no fear of running out. I will have three 6-1/2” denim squares left after the extra row. I’m thinking of a pillow sham, maybe?

For Sit ‘N Sew tonight, I’ll be deboning more shirts. Last week I got 15 deboned and folded. I have over 20 green shirts alone, so that will keep me busy. I am LOVING this time with my friends, chatting white we cross stitch, crochet, hand quilt, etc. I wish I had started doing this many years ago. I don’t serve any food or drink. It’s 7-9 PM, so I assume most have just eaten supper. Most bring their own beverages. Very fun and relaxed time. 

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