Tuesday, January 9, 2018

{Post 1,571} Valentine Quilt Begun

This is the first of 3 similar panels for a Valentine wall hanging for our foyer. I have had this in mind for years and years. Now I realize I won't have long to hang it this year if I finish it before 2/14 at all. That is what has kept me from making one in years past. I am going to press on (literally) and try to get this finished for this year.

The panel is 8-1/2" tall and 42" wide. I am trying to compress it some to make it finish at 36" wide.

The middle applique panel is reversed from this one, and the third is the same.

They are separated by simply pieced chunky strips. I am considering doing it all the same fabric instead. The jury is out on that decision at this point. I'll focus on the applique panels, and I'll see how the quilting vibes flow from there.

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