Friday, September 26, 2014

{Post 1,432} Pinch Me!!!

Look what my husband bought for me at the Asheville, NC quilt show today!!  A bee-you-tee-full 1948 Singer featherweight.  He took this picture.  When I get home, I'll show you what the plate on the left side of the machine looks is gorgeous.  He talked me into it.  I never would have bought something expensive for myself.  He twisted my arm.  It came with a case, 6 bobbins, complete original tool set, and more.  So excited to get home and try this baby out!!!

He took a couple days vacation.  We left Thursday bright and early to go catch a train ride (4 hours long) that included a scrumptious lunch.  That evening we ate out and stayed in a hotel.  This AM we got started at the quilt show nice and early, then left for lunch at an Asian buffet and went back, where he insisted I "let" him get this machine for me ("OK, babe...if you must!!").

We are not at a marriage seminar/retreat until Sunday afternoon.  Wish me luck!!  


julieQ said...

Beautiful! Enjoy!

Gypsy Quilter said...

How wonderful. Good for hubs, what a lovely gift. Enjoy sewing on her.

Ruth said...

Very sweet of him! Sounds like a wonderful trip!