Thursday, September 18, 2014

{Post 1,425} Center of Tiny Twister Finished

I decided to work from first to last on my UFOs.  So I am using the Chevron Quilt as a leader/ender while I finished the center of my Tiny Twister.  Now I'm going to cut and attach borders.  Nearly finished!  Whew!!

This measures only 11" square right now!!!


Janet O. said...

Oh, so pretty, Joan.

Lindah said...

11 inches square!!! I'm afraid to ask how many pieces.
It really is pretty.
You have a way with colors.

Kath said...

Oh Joan, I LOVE this. How do you make your mini quilts, do you reduce the original pattern pieces or cutting plans?

Kath said...

Oh I see now...I followed your back links and saw how this was made. I would worry about cutting the squares without nicking any adjacent fabric. Is that hard to cut those tiny squares?