Monday, August 4, 2014

{Post 1,393} New Bed Frame in Place!

Today an exciting event took place.  I finally moved out my grandparents' headboard from my bedroom (we've only been using it 25-11/12 years) and put the one I recently purchased in there.  My husband had to make another support.  One of the ones that came with it was broken in two places.  I am thankful he can do about anything!

Here is Isaac removing the headboard from the Hollywood frame.  You would not believe the dust I vacuumed up from under there.  I'll spare you the picture.

All ready for the new arrival...freshly vacuumed.  Something tells me that those pictures are going to have to be moved.

Voila...the finished bed.  I love the way it looks.  Like a real piece of furniture.  

Now I need to get some new decorations for above the headboard.  This one is much taller than our previous one.


Leeanne said...

Oh Joan.....the new head board is lovely!
Do you have the same 'under the bed dust bunnies' as me? Oh & I spy that cool Spool quilt! I can't quite spot my blocks from here!

Kath said...

It looks lovely Joan! How useful to have a practical husband :-)

Teresa said...

It's beautiful and the perfect display for your lovely quilt :)