Wednesday, August 6, 2014

{Post 1,395} Double Good

Here is the Charming Addition I Spy quilt now.  I added 4 more rows this AM.  I stopped after that, because I have much to do that is NOT sewing (go figure!).  I like it, but am thinking about removing the spool fabric and moving it somewhere else.  It blends in too much.  Since it's one of my favorite fabrics, I would like it to show up on its own. 

Hours later:  FWIW, I did go back and replace that block with the spools on it (right diagonally from the black one near the bottom left).  I am replacing it with a fabric with a red background.

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Janet O. said...

I cut CW repros last year to make this, but haven't sewn a stitch on it yet.
This will be a fun "I Spy". : )