Sunday, July 27, 2014

{Post 1,386} Reveal of Pallet-wood Sign

Here is the hardware I screwed in by hand to hang my pallet-wood sign.  It worked wonderfully.  Especially since I already had two screws in the wall where I had hung a quilt previously.  They were in the exact right place for hanging this.  I just had to make sure I put the hardware in the right place.  I did!!  All by myself!

Here is the finished sign.  It has a layer of "darkening" on it that I would have made lighter next time.  It also has something you cannot see in the picture but is very evident in person.  A coat of paste furniture wax.  It gives it a fantastic luster.

While I'm showing guest room decorations...this is a wreath I made for the room a few years back.  I love grapevine decorations.  The curtains in the room are purple, cantelope, and sage plaid with a cream background.

The closet is on the right as you go in the room.  I got this "Bless This Home" sign at Hobby Lobby.  I like it because it's black print on clear glass that allows the wall color to show through.  Purple is my favorite color.

Always carry a 40% coupon if you get to go to Hobby Lobby.  I always see something I would like to have.

Last, but not least, in there.  My inside-the-wallbed decor.  I have been looking for something for this space for years.  When the ironware was 50% off last Hobby Lobby visit, I finally settled on this.  

For those very observant folks, the basket on the left is actually a shower caddy.  When the wallbed is down and in use, there is no place to put glasses, phone, alarm clock, whatever.  My daughter had the brilliant idea of attaching this to the inside wall.

I have one tiny spot of paint to touch-up in here, and then I think we're ready for company Tuesday.

2 comments: said...

Wow. The pallet wood sign is beautiful! It looks expensive!

Janet O. said...

Lots of fun idea! My daughter is thinking of installing a "Murphy bed" in one of there rooms. I will have to pass along the shower caddy idea.
I would love to stay in a purple room.
(Yup, gotta take a coupon when you go to Hobby Lobby--I second that!)