Tuesday, July 29, 2014

{Post 1,389} The Day in Pictures

Well, this is PART of the day in pictures.  I have done a few more little projects.  On some of them I have procrastinated a long time, only to find out they only took a few minutes!  That's how it is with me.  You're chuckling because you NEVER do that, right?  

I touched up paint from our remodeling in January and in our guest room.  Kimi came around 7 PM.  We are fast friends already.  It seems like I've known her for years and years.

Here is my scrap wallet for my Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks.  I keep this in my wallet so I can see what fabrics I have and which one I need more of.  I don't think I need any more at all.  This is very full.  The box of fabrics will probable make more than one quilt.  I guess if I use up the fabrics making another quilt I can call it the great-Grandmother's blocks or something!

Here is Elisabeth with Timmy dressed in overalls.  And I thought little boys couldn't possibly be as cute as little girls.

I spray-painted my new stools this afternoon.  They need to cure for a little while, but they turned out soooo lovely.  I think I've admired them out loud about 100 times already.  They add so much charm to our kitchen.  I used up paint from 3 different cans.  They were relatively close to each other in color!!  All shades of tan.  I used the two with the least amount to put on the first coat, then used the most full can to do the last coat.  These were a steal for $8 each.

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Elaine Adair said...

They really ARE handsome looking! I LovE it when we use some "ole thing" and turn it into something beautiful - great job!