Saturday, October 26, 2013

{Post 1,275} Two Long-Term Projects Finished


This quilt is washed and dried, and ready for the next time we see Emily.

Here is the finally finished living room.  The new quilt is on a new hanger (a decorative curtain rod with faceted glass finials on the ends).  The quilt measures about 44" square.  Wes is going to trim down the weighted bar in the bottom sleeve.  Patience, patience!

Our fireplace works like new since it's been cleaned, the screen has been cleaned, and it looks mah-vel-ous!!


Janet O. said...

Nice to have two finishes.
The room looks lovely!

Emily Bryan said...

Hold on, I'm looking for the "Like" button. Both projects turned out beautifully!

Ruth said...

Great job on both projects! Of course, I love log cabin quilts, and Ohio star is one of my favorites too!

regan said...

Gorgeous quilts, and that room looks so pretty and inviting! Great job!

Teresa said...

Great work on both projects. Makes you just want to sit in your new room and just admire the beauty of it all.