Tuesday, October 22, 2013

{Post 1,273} Adding Batting

I am a little over halfway with adding the extra batting.  Since this has been such a time-heavy project ALREADY, I want to do this just right.  The top and backing fabrics are so thin...I didn't want to chance a bumpy seam being highlighted and ruining the look of the quilt.  So I am meticulously hand stitching the thin batting (strong resemblance to cobwebs) so that there is no bump.  I find I have to take frequent breaks as this is very hard on my shoulder and elbow for some reason.

I am doing about 3 inches of stitches (about 3/8" apart) then tying a knot, just for some added stability.

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Kath said...

Joan, as an inexperienced quilter, I am interested to know why you chose this thin batting. I'm not sure I have even seen it for sale here in England.