Monday, July 8, 2013

{Post 1,196} Pumpkin Patch and Mini Request

I already had 3 pumpkins pieced, and the squares for the center were already cut out as well, so I didn't sew as much as this makes it look like I did.  Well, I did do a lot, but this looks like more.

Tomorrow I will add an outer border and get this quilted and the binding sewn on the front.

It measures 20" x 32" now.  One more border to go.

It was dark in my sewing room, so the colors are not very accurate.  

I have some more of this plaid on point (inner border) fabric that I will use for binding as well.  I think this will be for my kitchen table (until EVERYONE gets here, when we will use this old standby that is huge).  I have a cute quilting motif in mind that involves pumpkin veins, leaves, and tendrils.

A request.  If you make mini quilts, or have a wall of mini quilts, would you send me a picture?  I am hoping most of them can probably be made without patterns.  I see a mini quilt wall in my future!  I won't put any up until I get a few made.  I'd like to see different arrangements and layouts before I put a bunch of holes in my walls.  LOL :)


Janet O. said...

Very cute pumpkins.
You've seen my minis on my blog, I'm sure. I have put some of them in a corner of my sewing room, but I don't have a whole wall.

Kath said...

I love it Joan!
Our local quilt shop has an annual 12"x12" quilt competition. If you are interested to see last years, you can follow this slink to their website.

Diane said...

Your pumpkins are charming! I have a (mini) wall of small quilts here...

MARCIE said...

Very cute and patchy pumpkins and center! You never slow down!