Thursday, June 27, 2013

{Post 1,189} Grandmother's Flower Garden

Well, call me slow, but I just realized I am a grandmother, and I have a flower garden!!  Here's an update on the progress on my GFG quilt.  I am making a queen-bed-sized quilt, just because I can.  This will be years in the making, but a little progress shot is good once in a while.  I am about to have a lot of travel/sitting/hand-sewing time, so I am prepping some hexagons for the trips to come.

The top pic shows all the color schemes I have going so far.  I have two of the red one and two of the butterfly block.  I am not completely pleased with the one with the dark blue center, but it IS nearly finished!  The ring of hexies outside the navy blue one is too light, but that's life.  So far...

I am fussy-cutting a lot of the hexagons.  That is fun and takes more time, but I like the way it looks.  I have done something that I hope will help me select fabrics in the future.  I sewed a small scrap of each fabric I am using so far onto a piece of paper that I am keeping in my purse.  That way if I'm in a random place (oh, I don't know...say, a pharmacy?) that happens to sell fabric, I can whip out my samples and see if there's something I want to add to the mix.  Genius, right?

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Janet O. said...

Right--genius. : )
It is surprising sometimes where you find fabric. There is a little grocery store in an out-of-the-way, off-the-beaten-path small town about 30 minutes from here that has a small fabric section. Lots of older Thimbleberries and such, but fun to visit now and then.
This is an ambitious project. My GFG quilt has been going over 15 years now and it will be lucky to be a twin size--with no fussy-cutting involved.