Wednesday, June 26, 2013

{Post 1,188} Wedding Quilt

I am going to post my recently-pieced wedding quilt on here because I doubt the recipient even knows I have a blog.  If she finds it, she can practice acting surprised ;)

The bride-to-be picked out two fabrics.  I made a checkerboard style layout.  She had it displayed at her wedding, clothespinned to a sheet of plywood.  This was one of the most unusual weddings I've ever witnessed.  It was a cowboy-type theme.  The bride and bridesmaids wore cowboy boots (so did the groom and his men).  The bride was "delivered" to the barn and pasture in a pickup truck.  The flowers were sunflowers and daisies.  It was quite the rustic setting.

The top was pieced before folks started signing it.  A couple exuberant youths got carried away with scribbling.  I knew I'd have to remove those pieces, but I didn't have one bit of extra cream fabric.  Then I got the idea to put some pictures from their engagement, rehearsal, and wedding into the quilt!  I pulled out an ancient set of "Printed Treasures" fabric sheets I had.  My husband helped me figure out how to print 4 pictures per sheet.  I added a frame of cream from the blocks I removed.  Voila!  The pictures are a surprise for the bride.

Here are some pictures of the process.  There were two sets of blocks written with pink ink that were close together, so I purposely replaced those with pictures or relocated them.


She wants very little quilting on it, so I'll just use black thread and do a large meander in the dark blocks.  Should be finished in short order.  

I noticed one person at the wedding did not sign it, so I am waiting for them to let me know if they want me to add a message before it is quilted.


Janet O. said...

The photos are a nice touch. Good idea!

Teresa said...

Great idea on the pictures. This will be a treasure for years to come!

MARCIE said...

You are so clever! The photos look great!